Hoy 27 de enero,2011


27 de Enero de 2012.
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Hoy 27 de enero,2011

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  • dmaRVivMaesiyqmMmH 01 de julio de 2012

    Bonjour, Madame! I\'m making staedy headway appreciating the nuances of French grammar by taking local classes and utilizing your excellent about.com resource. As an admirer of the language and (mostly) all things French, it breaks my heart to see the cold and inhospitable manner in which you\'ve been treated by the administrative policy-making nut jobs over there. If you\'ve yet to be wholeheartedly welcomed into the arms of the French Republic, what chance would I expect to have of moving there for good? Considering the wonderful contributions you\'ve made to bring the beauty and virtue of the language to all walks of life here online, I\'m truly saddened to have sat by and witnessed your dream dissolve.One the other hand, I\'m happy to learn you\'ve decided to visit Central America. I have a good friend who, having retired, moved from the San Francisco bay area to Nicaragua where he happily teaches English today. Here\'s to change (tchin, tchin)!Yours,Keith

  • tdKtlZzbs 30 de junio de 2012

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